Top deals on gas dryers under $750

Home appliances are a boon to those who find it difficult to complete their chores in time and are under severe time restrictions. One of the most tedious tasks that refuse to get done is the laundry. Washers are a great option for washing our laundry and doesn’t require you to put in a lot of efforts. And, dryers cut down your time for drying washed clothes considerably. There are two kinds of dryers available in the market – gas dryers and electric dryers.

A gas dryer requires a gas burner that helps in generating the heat for drying the clothes. While the cost of buying a gas dryer, installing them, and the other necessary plumbing changes may cost more than that of the electric dryer, the maintenance cost of running it is only half of what you would spend on an electric dryer. A gas dryer is ideal for those looking for dryers that do not have a high maintenance cost in the long run.

While the gas dryers are more expensive than the electric ones, you can still avail these at reasonable prices. Best Buy has a lot of online and in-store offers for gas dryers where you can get the best deals on washer and dryer. Here are some of the best gas dryers available at Best Buy for less than USD 750.

Whirlpool WGD4815EW 7.0 Cu. Ft. Gas Dryer
Get the best deal in the washer/dryer category with this gas dryer that is priced at USD 449.99 at Best Buy. The dryer has a great capacity and can handle large volumes of clothes for drying. The dryer comes with the Wrinkle Shield technology that leaves no wrinkles on your clothes after drying, helping you save time on ironing.

There are 14 drying cycle options available and one can choose from four temperature settings for drying different kinds of clothes. This dryer is a power efficient one; it has an automatic drying system that detects the moisture in the clothes and adjusts the drying cycle time to the moisture levels. One of the amazing convenience features of the dryer is its reversible door design that allows for the hinges to be switched to any side.

Samsung DVG50M7450W 7.4 Cu. Ft with Steam
Yet another best deal in washer/dryer category that you shouldn’t miss is this Samsung gas dryer that is available for an attractive price of USD 649.99. The dryer comes with multi-steam technology that helps keep the wrinkles away when the clothes are done drying.

The dryer is very power efficient as it also has the EcoDry cycle that uses up to 25 percent less energy. Apart from these two amazing features, the dryer also has moisture sensors that help dry clothes without over-drying and damaging them. The dryer’s Smart Care app lets you control your dryer from your smartphone.

Amana NGD4655EW 6.5 Cu. Ft. Gas Dryer
Amana also has the best deal in washer dryer category with the Amana NGD4655EW gas dryer that is priced at USD 399.99. The dryer has a capacity of 6.5 cubic feet that can take care of drying large loads of clothes. The dryer offers 11 drying options which include air dry, damp dry, and the wrinkle-prevent cycle.

The dryer has a rear panel control and is very user-friendly. When it comes to the maintenance, it wins all points with its powder coated interior that is durable and can be cleaned with a few wipes. It also has an automatic dryness control that automatically sets the drying cycle and temperature according to the moisture in the clothes.

You can get the best deal in the washer dryer category at Best Buy for washers and dryers of many other brands as well. Research well about the make and model you like before buying to make sure you make an informed choice.

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