User-friendly washer dryer combos for big families

Installing a washer-dryer combo at home can make the laundry task less challenging. No matter what the weather is like, this appliance setup will have you covered. There is no hassle of carrying large loads of laundry to be dried before they are folded and neatly sorted in their spaces. If you are confused about making a choice when it comes to the best washer dryer combo for your house, here are the top choices to consider. You get to choose from all-in-one units as well as separate washer and dryer options. And in the latter, you can choose between vertically stackable models and those that can be placed side by side. 

Best washer dryer combo options to consider for your home are as follows:

All-in-one washer-dryer – Whirlpool Smart All-in-One WFC8090GX
With easy installation and plenty of features, this all-in-one washer dryer combo is a great choice for anyone who is looking for an appliance to integrate into their smart home setup. The built-in WiFi module lets you control the appliance conveniently from your mobile app. There is a basic dryer function built into the machine. If you have a tight budget and a small laundry space, this is the best washer dryer combo in this segment. 

Vertical stacking- LG WashTower WKEX200HBA
As a vertically stacked washer and dryer combo, this one comes as a single unit for hassle-free installation. The large 4.5 cu.ft washer and 7.5 cu.ft dryer together make this the perfect choice for handling large laundry loads. The controls are optimally positioned at the center for easy access. Durable doors, responsive touch buttons, and Energy Star rating are among the many features that make this appliance worth the money spent.

Horizontal placement – separate units Samsung Washer WA7200 and Dryer DV7200
These are two compact-looking units that work together for a large family to handle their daily laundry. The top load washer comes with a water jet for stain removal, and a high-tech interior drum for better cleaning. The dryer comes with the essentials like steam sanitizing option and sensor-based automatic drying features for more intuitive functionality. 

The best washer dryer combo would be a one-time investment for your home. Pick one with all the essential features that are now trending in the market, and your family’s laundry needs will be reliably taken care of for the next few years. 

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